My goal isn’t to live forever, but to create something that will


Everything is a work in progress, but a first impression lasts a lifetime


It starts with a step and ends with a leap, the story in between can be very interesting


Connecting people and touching lives beyond products builds a brand for a lifetime



Established in 1996, J.Cruz Designs is a dynamic marketing and communication design firm located in Brooklyn, New York. Our commitment to providing intelligent, strategic, new and innovative solutions to communication challenges has established J.Cruz Designs as a firm with great aspirations. Our collaborative approach to design allows us to provide a wide range of solutions to communication problems.

Jason started J.Cruz Designs with over 20 years of professional and freelance experience in the field of design.


Jason Cruz

Creative Director


In 2001 Mr. Cruz was an employee of KoolConnect Technologies as a multimedia designer, pioneering interactive TV for 5 years. In 2006 Jason continued his career in the television industry in the form of publishing with Broadcasting & Cable and Multichannel News Magazines. With the challenge of the development of new media technologies Mr. Cruz's innovative way of thinking has helped these brands grow beyond print and they continue to do so. In 2010 he joined Millward Brown’s Global Marketing Group where he was able to design in various mediums to improve the companies brand and marketing. In 2012 he returned to the TV industry by officially joining PK Network, a dynamic Ad Agency focused on mainly television based clients with a knack for entertaining and innovative ideas.

Mr. Cruz has a degree in Advertising Design, he majored in graphic design; he also has a degree in Communication Design which he majored in web and advertising design and graduated with a 3.5 GPA in the field of design. Jason was also a Senator of Technology and Design for New York Technical College’s Student Government Association and was also a graduate of New York City’s High School of Art and Design.




Jason is an outstanding talent. I've had the pleasure of working with Jason for many years, on a variety of projects; print, digital, video, and more. I continue to be impressed by Jason's skills - not only as an art director and graphics designer, but also his ability to manage complex tasks and difficult assignments, while always providing a clear vision of the best solution. He is patient and easy to work with, learns and adapts to any situation, and is an incredible asset to our team. I value the great work that he does, and I'm lucky to have the opportunity to work with him. In any role or capacity, I would give Jason my highest recommendation.

– Matt Collins 
Creative Director, PK Network Communications Inc.

I have worked with Jason for over 5 years, over the time he has displayed nothing but professionalism. Jason is always ahead of his time with technology (programs, web design, coding and commercial technology). Bringing fresh design ideas to the table has improved our print/online products at B&C and Multichannel News. He has the ability to take the lead on projects and is very organized, because of this the marketing/art department runs smooth on a daily basis.

– Chris Rucker
Marketing Art Director, B&C and Multichannel News

Jason is an intelligent and motivated individual. He was more than capable of managing projects that were assigned to him and adding valuable input along the way. As multimedia designer, Jason took on the task of designing interactive user experiences which helped enhance our product line. With his help our creative team was able to produce a high-quality HD in room experience.

– Andres Borbon
SVP, KoolConnect Technologies Inc.

Jason Cruz is a very creative, ambitious and knowledgeable individual. Anyone fortunate enough to work with him will discover this immediately. Jason Cruz has an eye for design and a flare for innovation which he brings on board to any project he works on.

– Victor Fernandez
Lead Designer, KoolConnect Technologies Inc.

Jason is a consummate professional with a knack for creating great ideas for the group. From marketing and design ideas for key customers, to input on improving our web properties, he is a very hard worker, detail oriented and is full of positive energy.

- Louis Hillelson
Vice President, NewBay Media

Jason has the right business attitude and professionalism which makes him a great asset to companies he works for. He possesses the design and artistic skills, as well as the business / customers understanding.

– Alon Daniel, PMP
Product Manager, Aero-Vision Technologies Inc.

I have had the pleasure of working with Jason Cruz on many occasions and have become great friends over the years. In the time that I have known Jason, he has proven his ability to adapt to ever-changing situations, quick on his feet and exceeds as a problem solver. He demonstrates kindness to his peers, thoughtful of his surroundings, hard working, and excels in his craft. I have witnessed him handle stressful situations with ease, thoughtfulness, and discretion. He is the lead that you want on your team during crunch-time. I have been lucky to work with him and would again in a heartbeat.

– Antonio Lopez, CMS 
Director of Project Management, Vanguard